100 Most Important Events in Christian History, The A. Curtis, Randy Petersen, J. Lang  
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From Nero’s burning of Rome to the twentieth-century charismatic renewal, this book highlights in journalistic style Christian history’s most significant events.

Christian History Made Easy: 13 Weeks to a Better Understanding of Church History Timothy Paul Jones  
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This fantastic book summarizes the most important events in Christian history from the time of Jesus to today in 12 easy chapters. This bestselling book presents key events and people every Christian should know, time lines, worksheets, websites, photos, maps and illustrations. A leader's guide makes this book an excellent study for any group, including new believers' classes. The great theologian J. I. Packer says that Christian History Made Easy is, "...a beautifully simple, beginner-friendly telling of Christian history, a precious heritage."
Paperback, 160 pages includes leaders guide. Book measures 7.5" x 9".

What do you know about Christian history? Here's your chance to test yourself, or to launch a 13 week study on the book Christian History Made Easy. The book contains a Leader's Guide with notes that add to the chapters. Author Timothy Paul Jones, Ed.D., makes Christian history refreshingly fun while at the same time informing believers about the history of the Christian faith. Each chapter contains a summary of: Key eventsKey conceptsNames you should knowTerms you should knowThink about itDid you know?Bible maps and time-linesThings to think aboutClarification on wordsAt the end of each chapter the book presents a Learning Activity that drives home important topics that have been coveredChristian History Made Easy covers key terms, events, and developments including:Christian historyChurch historyCanon of ScriptureGospelsDead Sea ScrollsEasterSpanish InquisitionKing James VersionNicene CreedReformationRenaissanceThe book covers key people in Christian history, such as:William TyndaleAugustineC.S. LewisCalvinFinneyLutherJohn BunyanThese key religions and movements are covered, among others:CatholicismChristian ScienceGnosticismIslam (Muslims)Jehovah's WitnessPentecostalPresbyterianProtestantPuritanRoman CatholicismSeventh-Day Adventists

The Kingfisher Reference Atlas an A - Z Guide to Countries of the World Brian Williams  
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Containing information about all of the world's countries, a full-color reference atlas features completely current entries, illustrated relief maps, and more than five hundred graphs, charts, and diagrams.

Then and Now Bible Maps: Compare Bible Times with Modern Day Rose Publishing  
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It's time to discover why Then and Now Bible Maps Book was the #1 Bible Atlas in 2007. This amazing resource allows pastors, teachers and those who enjoy studying the Bible to compare Bible-times with modern-day countries and cities at a single glance with the clear plastic overlays. Contains 20 pages of full-color Bible maps and time lines comparing Bible and world history.
Hardcover book measures 8.5" x 11". Spiral binding makes it easy to use; opens flat for ease of use.

Make your Bible studies and teachings more relevant with Then and Now Bible Maps. This amazing resource contains: Maps of Bible-time regions with clear plastic overlays of modern cities and countries outlined in redFascinating facts revealing today s geography for Bible-time places92 places Jesus walkedPaul s journeysThe last days of Jesus in JerusalemOld Testament time-line, The Beginning 1 BCNew Testament time-line, 10 BC AD 100A thorough indexThe maps and modern overlays include:Middle East Old TestamentAssyrian Empire, Babylonian Kingdoms and Persian EmpireHoly Land Old Testament (United Kingdom, Divided Kingdom)Holy Land New Testament (inset of Jerusalem at the time of Jesus)Paul s JourneysThere s really no easier way to compare the geography of Bible times with modern day times than by using Then and Now Bible Maps atlas. Now you can show your students as well as tell them about historical geographic changes in the Middle East and Holy Land regions. Those you teach will be astounded to learn that:The ruins of Nineveh are in Northern Iraq near MosulNoah s Ark probably landed in Turkey (Mt. Ararat is in northeastern Turkey)Paul was brought up in what would be Turkey today (Tarsus). He preached in Syria, Turkey, Greece and ItalyThe wise men were probably from Iran or Saudi Arabia.Then and Now Bible Maps includes:The Middle East during Old Testament TimesOverlay of modern-day Middle EastThe Assyrian Empire, Babylonian Kingdoms and Persian EmpireOverlay of modern-day countriesThe Holy Land during the time of the Old TestamentOverlays of United Kingdom, Divided Kingdom, modern-day Israel and Surrounding countriesThe Holy Land during the time of JesusOverlay of modern-day Holy Land with an inset of Jerusalem at the time of JesusModern IsraelPaul s Journeys (Roman Empire at AD 60)Overlay of modern-day Mediterranean areaThe Old Testament Timeline compares Bible history and world history at a single glance:The centuryBook of the Old TestamentBible historyWorld historyAn inset of the kings of the Old TestamentThe New Testament Timeline that allows people to compare Bible and world history at a single glance:The centuryBooks of the New TestamentBible historyWorld historyAn inset of the life of Jesus, AD 26-30Life of Jesus facts cover the following eras of his life:Jesus birth and youthJesus baptism and early ministryMinistry in GalileeWithdrawal fro GalileeMinistry in Judeain PereaFinal week in JerusalemResurrection and ascensionThen and Now Bible Map Book uses larger, easier-to-read type than most Bible atlases. Pastors will want a copy of this resource for themselves and to have several throughout the church as a ministry resource.

An alphabetical index makes research easy.

Names Of God Nathan Stone  
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This classic study examines the Old Testament names of God and the particular aspect of His character and dealings with man that each reveals.

The Complete Book of Bible Literacy Mark D. Taylor  
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Biblical literacy goes beyond knowledge of terms and concepts; it's the common groundwork necessary for Christians to communicate and grow as a body. With over 1,200 names, terms, and phrases from the Bible, this book is a treasury of knowledge and a browser's delight. Includes challenging chapter quizzes, maps, photos, and more.

Manners & Customs of Bible Lands Fred H. Wight  
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manners and customs of Bible Lands

Who's Who in the Bible Stephen Motyer  
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This highly visual guide to the people of the Old and New Testaments contains entries for more than 400 characters. People appear in sequence and are also grouped thematically, such as Moses and the Israelites, the Kings of Judah, and the Twelve Disciples. Detailed illustrations bring major biblical figures to life, and color photographs show key events, places, and objects. References to relevant texts enable the reader to look up people in the Bible, and the meanings of biblical names are explained. Easy to use and packed with authoritative information, this is an indispensable Bible companion for the whole family.

The Holy Spirit Unleashed in You: Acts Kay Arthur  
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Acts is a gold mine of truths about living and walking by the Spirit. Readers will discover the dynamic working of God’s Spirit in the lives of early believers—and in the lives of believers today.

Word Studies on the Holy Spirit E. W. Bullinger  
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(Foreword by Warren W. Wiersbe) An examination of the 385 occurrences of pneuma (spirit) in the New Testament.

Engaging with the Holy Spirit: Real Questions, Practical Answers Graham A. Cole  
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Seeks to biblically and sequentially address from throughout Scripture six crucial and common questions about the works and the person of the Holy Spirit.

Despite the growth of the charismatic movement and Pentecostal churches, people still have questions-and even troubling concerns-about the person and work of the Holy Spirit. These real questions are the burden of this book, which seeks to sequentially address from throughout Scripture six crucial questions that affect a person's relationship to the Spirit: What is blasphemy against the Holy Spirit?How does a person resist him?Ought we to pray to the Spirit?How do we quench the Spirit?How do we grieve the Spirit? andHow does he fill us?

Each chapter is devoted to one question and challenges readers about their relationship with the Spirit and about Christian living in general. Readers are also given key elements for thinking theologically and implications for their belief and behavior. It's a brief, reader-friendly book full of solid, reassuring answers.

What Happens When Women Pray Evelyn Christenson  
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What Happens When Women Pray is a practical and biblical book about prayer. Its teachings have been tested in hundreds of prayer seminars all over the world, as both men and women have learned to pray in more personal and believing ways.

What Happens When Women Pray will show you how to move into the dynamic that occurs when people pray. It just might change your life or the life of someone you know and love.

Since 1968, Evelyn Christenson has led prayer seminars worldwide. Millions of readers have enjoyed Evelyn's books, which include, "Lord, Change Me!" and A Journey into Prayer. Evelyn and her husband, Harold, live in St. Paul, Minnesota.